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It is possible to start wxPropView via command line. Furthermore, you can control the starting behavior using parameters. The supported parameter are as follows:

width or wDefines the startup width of wxPropView. Example: width=640
height or hDefines the startup height of wxPropView. Example: height=460
xpos or xDefines the startup x position of wxPropView.
ypos or yDefines the startup x position of wxPropView.
splitterRatioDefines the startup ratio of the position of the property grids splitter. Values between [gt] 0 and [lt] 1 are valid. Example: splitterRatio=0.5
propgridwidth or pgwDefines the startup width of the property grid.
debuginfo or diWill display debug information in the property grid.
dicWill display invisible (currently shadowed) components in the property grid.
displayCountX or dcxDefines the number of images displayed in horizontal direction.
displayCountY or dcyDefines the number of images displayed in vertical direction.
fulltree or ftWill display the complete property tree (including the data not meant to be accessed by the user) in the property grid. Example (Tree will be shown): fulltree=1
device or dWill directly open a device with a particular serial number.
qswWill forcefully hide or show the Quick Setup Wizard, regardless of the default settings. Example (Quick Setup Wizard will be shown): qsw=1
liveWill directly start live acquisition from the device opened via device or d directly.